Registration (closed)

☀︎ Deadline: May 20, 2019 is the last date for parents to register the campers and submit duly filled in registration forms along with the registration fees.

☀︎ Camper’s Registration Fee Structure:

➤ First Child – $125;
➤ Sibling (s) – $90 each;

☀︎ Please submit separate forms for siblings from the same household.;

☀︎ All fees/donations would be accepted only via checks/money orders payable in favor of: USREF

☀︎ All checks/money orders would be handed over to a designated person(s).

☀︎ Any additional donations to support the Camp & the Gurdwara are most welcome;

☀︎ Free admission will be offered to the campers, if there is any financial hardship;

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