🙏 Write a check in favor of USREF for the amount of your choice. Please mention “Tampa Gurmat Camp 2019” on the check. Mail or hand over the donations to us during normal Sunday kirtan divaan.

1. Donation money will fund all the class materials like papers, stationary, printing, custom t-shirts, trophies, certificates, IDs, lunches, breakfasts, snacks and list goes on. This information will be all kept open to all (with receipts).

2. The donation money will be used to buy games, posters, creative class materials as well.

3. Camp will continue to use “ECO-FRIENDLY” disposables as we did last year. These supplies are prepared with organic materials and are harmless for us and the environment (just like the original Bio-degradable plattars made of leaves).

4. With the large amount of little campers and volunteers, safety is of utmost importance, we are planning to have a security person on site during all the camp days.

5. Any Gurmat Camp is a serious affair with a lot of fun all through from Monday to Friday.

6. Camp will be using this money to buy new musical Instruments like new Harmoniums, Tablas etc. We also ask all of you to please bring your own Harmoniums / Tablas as the number of campers are more than the currently available instruments in the Gurdwara.

7. Camp will also be replacing the worn out sitting tarts in the Langar hall.

8. We will also be Sanitizing the Gurdwara premisses before the camp.

9. New toys and games to be added for the kids.

10. A full time cleaning person / helper, who along with cleaning the place will also be looking after the little kids of the volunteers while they are busy taking care of the scheduled camp activities.

Note: All donations are all tax exempt, so do ask for a receipt from us. All the receipts associated with above are going to be made available to all.

Please come forward and be a part of this camp for all.

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